Copper Pot Pictures

Brownstones to Red Dirt

BROWNSTONES TO RED DIRT is a feature-length documentary film that captures the growth of sixth graders from housing projects in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn and war orphans from Freetown, Sierra Leone. Though the kids know nothing about one another when they write their first letters, they learn that while their environments are vastly different, the struggles they face make them more alike than they realized.

The film was selected for a number of film festivals, including the Sarasota, Aspen, Tallinn, Brooklyn and Seattle International Film Festivals.  In Seattle, the film was a runner-up for the Golden Space Needle Audience Choice Award.  Additionally, it was a centerpiece for the San Francisco International Film Festival's Schools at the Festival and the Toronto International Film Festival's "TIFF Kids."

DVD special features include updates on the students featured in the film, a filmmaker's commentary an original music video and much more.

Run Time: 85 minutes